Iris Van Herpen

Philip Beesley

PBAI Studio Team

Sue Balint

Eric Bury

Martin Correa

Andrea Ling

Jonathan Tyrrell

Anne Paxton

Mingyi Zhou

Production (Toronto)

Maria Di Tommassi

Sydney Morrison

Sarah Stephens

David Velasquez

William Yam

Voltage Haute Couture

Frontstage Photographer - Michel Zoeter

Photographer - Ronald Stoops

Backstage Photographer - Boy Kortekaas and Philip Beesley

Voltage Show

Press agent - Karim Ben Geloun

Consultancy - Leila Smara @ Tristan Godefroy

Choreography - Kim Vos

Music - Salvador Breed

Personal Assistant Iris - Sarah Blom

General Manager - Bradly Klerks

Material collaboration with Philip Beesley

Materialise & 3D printing with architect Julia Koerner and Materialise

Stratasys & 3D printing with Neri Oxman, Keren Oxman and Prof. Craig. W. Carter

Shoes in collaboration with United Nude

Show production - Mathieu Gallix @ Hawk & Beaver Production

Casting Director - Piergiorgio Del Moro @ Streeters

Chef Hair - Odile Gilbert @ L'Atelier 68

Chef Make-up - Inge Grognard @ Jed Root

M.A.C. assistance- Elke Willemen & Lif Theys

Tesla Coil installation - Carlos van Camp

Model Tesla Coil - Natalja Heybroek

Choreographers Tesla Coil - Pieter de Ruiter & Eva Villanueva

Tesla Coil Consultant - Cornelius Arie Plet

Clutches in collaboration with Heaven Tanudiredja

Accessory in collaboration with Isaie Bloch

Video registration - Premices Films

Press release by Thibaut Wychowanok and Alice Pfeiffer

RMO - office & show team

Invitation design by Theisen-Design, Philip Beesley graphic